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 Big Night for Lincoln on USA Network Series 'Necessary Roughness'                                                

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LOS ANGELES - If you’re a fan of the USA Network original series Necessary Roughness you won’t want to miss tonight’s season finale at 10 p.m ET, which features the Lincoln MKX and a special Lincoln-branded digital integration. 

In tonight’s episode, Dr. Dani, played by Callie Thorne, meets Nico, played by Scott Cohen, in a small parking lot in her silver 2011 Lincoln MKX.  He’s concerned that her car may be bugged so he asks her to turn on some music to make sure their conversation is not overheard. 

“Dani will use a MyLincoln Touch voice command to call up Bluetooth audio and play music in the car,” said Brian Daly, senior vice president, Team Detroit, who is a member of Ford Global Brand Entertainment. 

Also during tonight’s episode, viewers will be able to participate in a Lincoln-branded social television experience called “Character Chatter.”  

“During the show, a Lincoln-branded ‘snipe’ – a message that pops up on the lower left-hand side of the screen – will appear telling viewers to log on to the USA Network website on their computers or iPads,” explained Daly. 

Viewers participating online will be able to unlock exclusive content by engaging in Character Chatter when Lincoln ads appear during the television program. 

“It’s really going to be quite a night for Lincoln in terms of our visibility on the show and around it,” said Daly.



9/14/2011 12:00 AM