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Instant Football Scores for Drivers, Ford Announces 6 New Voice-Activated Apps for AppLink in Europe and Asia

Mar-04-2015 4:00 AM ET

Ford today announced six new apps for Europe and Asia Pacific that customers will be able to voice-activate using Ford SYNC with AppLink technology, and stay connected on the move​

New Ford App Enables Drivers to Charge Electric Vehicles from a Smartphone

Mar-02-2015 4:00 AM ET

​Ford is launching a new app that enables electric vehicle drivers to remotely connect their smartphone with the car to manage charging – and even set a chosen cabin temperature before their journey

Ford Smart Mobility Plan Expanded at Mobile World Congress with Electric Bike Experiment For Connected Urban Journeys

Mar-02-2015 4:00 AM ET

​Ford Motor Company is expanding its global Ford Smart Mobility plan with a new experiment to study how electric bicycles can work seamlessly with cars and public transport to deliver faster and easier daily commutes and help businesses operating in urban centres

Ford to Reveal Next Step for Smart Mobility Plan at Mobile World Congress

Feb-23-2015 5:00 AM ET

​Ford will announce a next step in the company’s Smart Mobility plan at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, next week.

Ford Accelerates Carbon Fibre Research to Drive Innovation in Manufacturing Technology

Feb-12-2015 4:00 AM ET

​Ford Motor Company has announced a significant new collaboration to develop manufacturing innovations in automotive-grade carbon fibre for use in future products.

A driverless transport system – DTS for short – brings the necessary material directly to the assembly line in Niehl

Feb-05-2015 4:00 AM ET

​Transport carts move backwards and forwards as if controlled by ghosts over a distance of more than 700 metres in the Y-Hall between the marketplace and the assembly line of the tailgate handle.

Ford UK Dealers Host Nationwide Tech Event

Jan-16-2015 2:00 AM ET

​Ford, together with its UK national dealer network, is inviting customers to test its latest technologies at a new event called Ford Tech Live.

Ask the Expert about Ford Pedestrian Detection Technology

Jan-15-2015 3:00 AM ET

​Ford’s Pedestrian Detection technology makes its debut on new Mondeo and is designed to detect people in the road ahead, issue a warning to the driver, and then brake to prevent a collision.

Ford’s Quickclear Windscreen System Delivers Convenience And Safety During Wintery Weather

Jan-14-2015 7:25 AM ET

​With cold weather sweeping across many parts of Europe, Ford’s patented Quickclear Windscreen system is helping drivers to quickly and conveniently clear their windscreens and get on their way.

Ford Plans to Build the World’s Most Advanced Environmental Test Facility in Germany

Nov-27-2014 7:00 AM ET

​Germany will soon be home to some of the hottest and coldest temperatures, most arid and humid conditions, hurricane force wind speeds, and highest altitudes to be found anywhere on the planet courtesy of a new climatic wind tunnel test centre being built by Ford at its engineering centre in Merkenich, Cologne.

Bloggers Put Ford’s Inflatable Rear Seatbelt to the Test

Oct-13-2014 3:20 AM ET

​Ford’s ground breaking Inflatable Rear Seatbelt, which makes its European debut on the all-new Mondeo, has embarked on a pan-European tour to showcase its safety benefits.

Ford Promotes Media Drive of New Ka

Aug-08-2014 3:00 PM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO, Brazil - Ford hold a press meeting to present New Ka and Ka+, during a convention that brought together auto and lifestyle journalists, as well as bloggers from different editorials such as technology, adventure, tourism among others. 

Ford Presents the Emergency Assistance SYNC of New Ka

Aug-01-2014 4:00 PM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO, Brazil - Ford hold a press conference in order to present the Emergency Assistance feature through Brazilian media. The new technology will be launched in Brazil within New Ka, expanding the functionality of SYNC connectivity system. Basically, the system is programmed to automatically dial the 911 emergency services, for help if you’re in an accident. If an accident with airbag activation or cutting fuel system occurs, which can occur in rear-end collisions or rollovers, SYNC performs an automatic call via cell phone paired to the 911 emergency services, stating your location and connecting passengers.

Ford Helps Develop Future Co-Operative Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe; Presents DRIVE C2X Findings in Berlin

Jul-16-2014 4:00 AM ET

BERLIN, Germany – Ford Motor Company will today present its findings from a three-year research project into car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication technologies that could deliver early warnings of hazards, reduce congestion and improve road safety.

Ford Builds on Advanced Materials Use in All-New F-150 with Lightweight Concept Car

Jun-03-2014 5:00 PM ET

​SAN FRANCISCO – Ford Motor Company today unveiled its Lightweight Concept vehicle, which uses advanced materials to explore future weight-reduction solutions that could improve performance and fuel efficiency while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

Advanced Technologies Keep Drivers Connected in the All-New Mustang

Mar-27-2014 10:00 AM ET

DEARBORN - From the inside out, the all-new Ford Mustang not only is a performance leader in its segment, but a high-tech force to be reckoned with on the road. Equipped with new driver assist technologies and innovative mobile capabilities, drivers will have a more connected experience in the Mustang than ever before.

Demand for All-Wheel Drive Ford Vehicles Triples as Technology Moves Beyond Big Trucks, SUVs

Mar-04-2014 8:45 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Consumers have traditionally associated all-wheel drive with large SUVs and pickup trucks, but a new breed of more efficient and affordable all-wheel- drive systems is showing up in unexpected segments such as midsize sedans, helping fuel demand for vehicles equipped with the technology.

Ford Edge Concept Makes European Motor Show Debut in Geneva; Previews New Large Upscale SUV for Europe

Mar-03-2014 6:00 PM ET

​GENEVA, Switzerland – The all-new Ford Edge Concept today made its European public motor show debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show – giving a strong indication of the technology, design and craftsmanship direction of the company’s new large SUV for Europe.

For Valentine’s Day, Ford Shows Its Love Affair with Mustang by 3D-Printing the Iconic Sports Car in Candy

Feb-14-2014 6:20 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Fall in love with chocolate and candy Mustangs this Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, Ford Motor Company today revealed all-new miniature chocolate and peppermint candy Mustangs made with a 3D printer.

Ford NAIAS Stand Showcases Product, Technology

Jan-16-2014 6:20 PM ET

​DETROIT - The Ford display at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was purposefully designed to bring one overarching Ford message to life, according to David Tillapaugh, Global Auto Show Operations manager. 

How Ford Uses Robots in Vehicle Testing, Assembly

Jan-07-2014 8:30 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Robotics play a vital role in the automotive industry today, and Ford is leading the way in its use of robotics in plants, in vehicle durability testing and even out on the test track.

Journalists Experience Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance Technology Firsthand

Jan-03-2014 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Journalists from throughout the United States recently were invited to Ford’s Dearborn Development Center (DCC) test track in Dearborn, Mich., to experience Ford’s Advanced Obstacle Avoidance System firsthand.  This was the first time Ford has demonstrated the obstacle avoidance system in a Ford Focus in North America.

Looking to the Mobility of Tomorrow

Dec-26-2013 5:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Recently, the company introduced its Automated Fusion Hybrid research vehicle in conjunction with the University of Michigan and State Farm. @Ford had the opportunity to chat with Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product development, about the company’s overall strategy for mobility, this new research vehicle and what “automated” means to Ford.

Ford Accelerates Efforts to Improve Fuel Economy and Driver Technology

Dec-18-2013 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Ford Motor Company, by expanding auto start-stop technology to 70 percent of its vehicles in North America over the next four years, will enable customers to both reduce their impact on the environment as well as achieve better fuel economy with their vehicles.

‘Lincoln Experiences’ Use Technology to Make Driving More Engaging

Nov-13-2013 12:05 AM ET

​NEW YORK – It isn’t just about making luxury cars; it’s about creating unique driving experiences. The Lincoln Motor Company – with the reveal of its all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC small premium utility vehicle this morning – introduces Lincoln Experiences, a suite of customer-focused comforts designed to enhance the buying and ownership experience.

Ford in the Press – Week 36

Oct-10-2013 7:00 AM ET

A highly successful Ford Futures media event at Lommel, plus the 100th anniversary of the moving assembly line, earned the Blue Oval really strong coverage both in automotive and non-automotive media this week…

Ford Developing New Automated Parking System that Enables Push-Button Parking

Oct-09-2013 2:45 AM ET

​LOMMEL, Belgium – Ford Motor Company is developing a new automated parking technology that could enable drivers to park with only the push of a button from inside or outside of their car.

Ford Develops Test Car That Automatically Steers Around Stopped or Slowing Vehicles or Pedestrians

Oct-08-2013 2:00 PM ET

​LOMMEL, Belgium – Ford has revealed a test car equipped with technology that uses automatic steering and braking to avoid collisions with vehicles that are stopped or slowing in the same lane ahead, or to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

Ford Reveals Test Cars That Can Park at the Touch of a Button and Avoid Collisions with Vehicles or Pedestrians

Oct-08-2013 10:00 AM ET

​LOMMEL, Belgium – Ford today revealed for the first time technology developed to enable drivers to park at the touch of a button from inside or outside their car; and also a prototype system that uses automatic steering and braking to avoid collisions with vehicles or pedestrians.

Ford Campaign Comes to Life, Invites Puerto Ricans to Nominate People in Need of an ‘Auto Remedio’

Sep-04-2013 6:00 AM ET

​SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Ford Motor Company is offering Puerto Rican drivers an opportunity to win a vehicle equipped with Ford-exclusive advanced technologies as part of the second phase of its “Auto Remedio” marketing campaign.