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Creating the Smarter Fleet: Ford's Latest Buying Tool Saves Customers Money While Helping the Planet

Apr-28-2014 2:00 PM ET

​​​​DEARBORN – Eco-conscious vehicle options have never been greater, leaving consumers wondering where to find the best value. The question becomes more complicated when the buyer is a corporation looking to revamp its company fleet of vehicles.​

Ford Honors World Water Day through Daily Conservation, Long Term Strategies

Mar-21-2014 5:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Water conservation is a popular topic today.  From being concerned about the lack of water in drought-stricken regions to reminding the kids to turn off the water while they brush their teeth, personal consciousness of water as a valuable resource is growing.

Ford Social Projects Provide 10,000 Backpacks; Environmental Education for Camaçari Students

Feb-05-2014 2:00 PM ET

​CAMAÇARI, Brazil - On January 21, Ford announced two new social initiatives in Bahia: the distribution of 10 thousand eco-sustainable backpacks with notebook&pencil sets: and the execution of an environmental education project. Both actions, under development, are focused on students from public schools in Camaçari, within Bahia state, where is located Ford Northeast industrial  Complex.

2014 Lincoln MKX Introduces Tree-Based Alternative to Fiberglass for Interior Parts

Dec-20-2013 9:30 AM ET

​DEARBORN – While many Lincoln MKX drivers may tie a tree to the top of their vehicle this time of year, 2014 will see the MKX crossover with tree-based components inside the vehicle.

Consumers to Rethink Priorities in 2014, Ford Trend Report Reveals

Dec-12-2013 1:00 PM ET

​DEARBORN – Consumers will reevaluate their relationships with technology in 2014, balancing the need to be constantly plugged in with a new appreciation for spending quality time off-line, reveals Ford Motor Company’s second annual trend report.

Ford Earns Top 10 Ranking for Corporate Responsibility, Says KPMG

Dec-11-2013 7:45 AM ET

​DEARBORN - An independent survey published by KPMG ranks Ford among the 10 leading global companies for corporate responsibility reporting.

Environmental Quality Office Announces 2013 APA Environmental Leadership Awards

Nov-25-2013 12:30 AM ET

SHANGHAI, China — Protecting the environment is a significant focus for Ford Motor Company. So at the Environmental Quality Office’s (EQO) regional environmental compliance workshop in Shanghai last month, each plant in the region was given the opportunity to showcase their environmental success stories.

Ford, WWF, Leading Consumer Brands Unite to Encourage Development of Bioplastics

Nov-21-2013 6:00 AM ET

DEARBORN - Ford, with World Wildlife Fund, The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, H.J. Heinz Company, Nestle, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Unilever are launching the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance. The BFA’s only automaker, Ford will work alongside other member brands to drive environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable production of bioplastic feedstocks.

Driving Innovation: The Coca-Cola Company and Ford Unveil Ford Fusion Energi with PlantBottle Technology Interior

Nov-15-2013 12:05 AM ET

​ATLANTA and DEARBORN – The Coca-Cola Company and Ford Motor Company are fueling more sustainable design by collaborating on a first-ever interior fabric made from the same renewable material used to produce Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle Technology™ packaging.

Ford Embracing Analytics and Big Data to Inform Eco-Conscious Decisions, Stay Green

Oct-28-2013 9:40 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Not too far from where factory workers assemble Ford cars and trucks, analytics experts in the company’s Research and Innovation Center are building something entirely different but equally important: complex mathematical models to help Ford sharpen its competitive edge while limiting its environmental impact.

Cars, Clothes Both Stylish and Sustainable

Oct-23-2013 6:00 AM ET

​VANCOUVER, Canada - You may wonder what the connection is between fashion and automotive.  The two have more in common than one might think, including a common goal to bring sustainable fabrics to everyday lives and create opportunities to be more sustainable. 

Ford's Living Roof

Oct-21-2013 5:30 PM ET

​DEARBORN - Ten years post-installation, North America’s largest living roof – about the size of eight football fields – continues to flourish atop Dearborn Truck Plant’s final assembly building, part of the Ford Rouge Center.  

Ford Reduces Water and Oil Use in Plants Globally with Expansion of Near-Dry Machining Technology

Oct-16-2013 6:10 AM ET

​DEARBORN - As part of its commitment to sustainability, Ford Motor Company has added its dry machining capability to six plants globally – a number that will nearly double in the next few years.

Ford Engineer Says Sustainability is the Future of Auto Business

Oct-15-2013 6:00 AM ET

​OAKVILLE - Cars, gadgets and exciting technology are a winning combination for any student of engineering. Students in the University of Manitoba’s Automotive Engineering program got the chance to hear about exactly that from Gil Portalatin, Ford Motor Company’s chief program engineer, when he came present on Ford’s sustainability and electrification strategy at the university on Oct. 2, 2013.

Built Ford Green: Sustainable Materials Make America’s Best-Selling Truck Environmentally Friendly and Tough

Aug-07-2013 6:05 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Ford is proving that pickups can be green and tough by adding rice hulls to the list of sustainable materials used to build F-150 – America’s best-selling truck.

Ford Cuts CO2 Emissions 37 Percent Per Vehicle; New Report Highlights Another 30 Percent Reduction by 2025

Jun-14-2013 12:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Ford Motor Company cut CO2 emissions at its global facilities by 37 percent per vehicle between 2000 and 2012 and plans for a 30 percent reduction from 2010 to 2025 by addressing everything from new products and technologies to manufacturing processes.

Serious Sustainability: Fusion Takes Ford’s Use of Recycled Material in Fabric Global, Furthers Industry-Changing Efforts

May-28-2013 6:20 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Ford Fusion is the first global vehicle program from any automaker to use seat fabric made from recycled material, with the potential to recycle enough plastic bottles and post-industrial waste to make 1.5 million yards of fabric annually. That’s equivalent to between 800,000 and 900,000 yards in North America when Fusion is in full production.

Ford India’s Green Practices Go Beyond Making a Better World

Feb-25-2013 10:00 PM ET

CHENNAI, India —Ford India’s green and sustainable manufacturing practices seem to be resulting in more than just a better world. Recognizing the efforts by Ford India to install solar water heaters at its canteen, the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority (TEDA) recently handed over a cheque for Rs 13.61 lakh (approximately US$25,680) to the company as a government subsidy.

Ford Brazil Receives Award for Customer Service Quality

Jan-11-2013 12:00 AM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO DO CAMPO, Brazil - Ford Brazil won the Top Consumer Award for Excellence in Customer Relations and Respect for the Environment for its quality in customer service and sustainability practices. This is the seventh consecutive year that Ford has won the award, sponsored by Consumidor Teste magazine and the National Institute for Consumer and Citizen Education (INEC). Ford has won more than 20 awards in this area in recent years.

Ford is ‘Top Riser’ in Best Global Green Brands Report

Oct-12-2012 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Ford Motor Company is a “Top Riser” in Interbrand’s 2nd Annual Best Global Green Brands Report, which identifies the gap between customer perception and a brand’s performance relative to sustainability. 

Pulp Function: Ford and Weyerhaeuser Collaborate to Develop Automotive Applications Using Natural Fiber Materials

Sep-28-2012 6:10 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Cellulose joins the growing list of sustainable materials originating from unlikely sources that could soon be used in Ford vehicle components and help further reduce the automaker’s reliance on traditional content such as fiberglass and petroleum.

Dearborn Site Becomes First Ford Office Building to Receive Sustainability Recognition

Sep-21-2012 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Earlier this week, regional members of the U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC), Dearborn officials and industry professionals toured Ford’s Corporate Crossings building as part of the Green Seeds program.