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Exclusive Ford MyKey Technology Helps Encourage Safer Driving in Fleets

Apr-03-2014 6:15 AM ET

​DEARBORN - For Joe Dougherty, Ford Motor Company’s MyKey® technology is a feature his family’s construction company uses to help keep their drivers safe.

Ford’s MyKey Technology Aimed at Teenage Drivers

Aug-13-2013 2:40 AM ET

​SYDNEY, Australia — Ford’s global MyKey technology will be launched in the new Ford Fiesta ST hatch when it goes on sale in September 2013.

Ford MyKey Gives Young Drivers ‘Face-Saving’ Excuse to Resist Pressure to Take Risks, Says Driver Behaviour Expert

Dec-11-2012 4:00 AM ET

COLOGNE, Germany – Ford’s MyKey technology that enables parents to place certain restrictions on young drivers also can help younger drivers resist peer pressure while behind the wheel, according to a leading driver behaviour expert.

New Ford Fiesta Debuts MyKey in Europe; Enables Parents of Young Drivers to Set Top Speed and Limit Audio Volume

Nov-19-2012 3:30 AM ET

COLOGNE, Germany – The new Ford Fiesta will be the first car in Europe to feature Ford’s MyKey technology, which enables parents to place restrictions on younger drivers to promote safety. 

Ford's New MyKey Do Not Disturb Technology Helps Teens Stay Connected to Driving, Not the Phone

Oct-27-2011 12:00 AM ET

DEARBORN – Parents have enough to worry about when they hand over the keys to a teenager, so Ford is adding a feature to its MyKey® technology to block incoming phone calls and deter text messages while teens are behind the wheel.