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Ford Presents the Emergency Assistance SYNC of New Ka

Aug-01-2014 4:00 PM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO, Brazil - Ford hold a press conference in order to present the Emergency Assistance feature through Brazilian media. The new technology will be launched in Brazil within New Ka, expanding the functionality of SYNC connectivity system. Basically, the system is programmed to automatically dial the 911 emergency services, for help if you’re in an accident. If an accident with airbag activation or cutting fuel system occurs, which can occur in rear-end collisions or rollovers, SYNC performs an automatic call via cell phone paired to the 911 emergency services, stating your location and connecting passengers.

Ford and Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement

Dec-18-2013 12:00 PM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO, Brazil – First automotive plant to operate in Brazil, since 1919, and one of the largest worldwide, Ford is considered a global reference in engineering, with product development centers in Brazil alongside with other countries in the world.

Consumers to Rethink Priorities in 2014, Ford Trend Report Reveals

Dec-12-2013 1:00 PM ET

​DEARBORN – Consumers will reevaluate their relationships with technology in 2014, balancing the need to be constantly plugged in with a new appreciation for spending quality time off-line, reveals Ford Motor Company’s second annual trend report.

Ford Brazil Opens New Customer Center & Inaugurates Service Advanced Technology

Oct-17-2013 12:00 AM ET

​SÃO BERNARDO DO CAMPO, Brazil - Ford has improved its service center by opening new facilities and applying advanced technology resources in the sector. The goal is to increase performance, service productivity and guarantee a wide, straight and fast connection with the customer.

Ford Breaks Ground for New Electromagnetic Compatibility Facility

Sep-17-2013 6:00 AM ET

​ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Ford recently held a formal groundbreaking ceremony for a new state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) facility, to be located adjacent to the company’s Driveability Test Facility in Allen Park, Mich.

Ford Studies Space Robots for Connected Vehicle Communications

Aug-21-2013 6:30 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Ford is studying communications between space robots and Earth to enhance future applications of the connected car communications protocol. The research furthers the company’s commitment to industry leadership in the development of connected vehicle communications to help reduce traffic congestion and aid in the advancement of emergency vehicle communication methods.

Ford to Expand University Collaboration Program

Aug-13-2013 2:40 AM ET

​Ford will expand its collaboration with Australian universities as part of a commitment to developing a world-class system of external alliances, programs and practices in Australia and Asia.

Potential for Open-Source Car Customization Showcased on Ford Mustang Using OpenXC Platform

Jul-29-2013 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN – An important part of the total gaming experience for hardcore video gamers is getting physical feedback through the controller as they keep their eyes on the screen. It’s called haptic feedback. For drivers of performance cars like Ford Mustang, feedback is just as important to understanding how the car is behaving.

Ford Fund Celebrates Innovation as Part of Henry Ford’s Legacy; Elena Ford Awards Inventors with Special Prizes

Jul-29-2013 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Two days before the 150th birthday of Henry Ford, Henry Ford Maker Challenge is encouraging inventors young and old to test their mettle in a special competition named after one of the most influential innovators of the 20th century.