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Ford, University of Michigan Create New Kind of Battery Lab to Speed Development of Future Electrified Vehicles

Oct-14-2013 6:05 AM ET

​ANN ARBOR, Mich. - A new $8 million battery lab opened today at the University of Michigan that will help Ford develop batteries that are smaller, lighter and less expensive to produce. The work could accelerate development of battery-powered vehicles that are more efficient and affordable than today’s models and that go farther on a single charge.

MyFord Mobile Data Show Ford Plug-Ins Use Enough Electric-Only Miles to Circle World Eight Times – Every Day

Sep-27-2013 6:00 AM ET

DEARBORN - Ford plug-in hybrid vehicles rack up enough electric-only miles every day to drive around the earth nearly eight times – a number rapidly increasing as Ford continues investing in infrastructure while exclusive features like MyFord® Mobile help improve driving habits.

EV Charge Network to Benefit Employees

Sep-16-2013 2:35 PM ET

​DEARBORN - @Ford Online had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Tinskey, global director, Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure, and discuss the employee electric vehicle charging network.

Ford Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Network for Employees; Customers Log 30 Million All-Electric Miles

Sep-16-2013 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN - More Ford employees soon will be able to drive to work entirely on electricity, thanks to a new workplace charging network being installed at nearly every Ford facility in the U.S. and Canada.

One-Third of All U.S. Ford Dealers to Be Certified to Sell New EVs by Spring; Ford Delivers January Hybrid Sales Record

Feb-06-2013 6:25 AM ET

​DEARBORN –Strong demand for Ford’s three new plug-in vehicles has Ford certifying hundreds more dealers to sell them than expected – including 900 to be certified by spring and make Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi available in all 50 states for the first time.

Ford and Energy Department Announce Pledge for Workplace Charging Challenge

Feb-01-2013 6:15 AM ET

​WASHINGTON, D.C. – Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced 13 major U.S. employers and eight stakeholder groups have joined the new Workplace Charging Challenge to help expand access to workplace charging stations for American workers across the country. In a speech at the Washington Auto Show, Secretary Chu outlined the new initiative, which aims to expand the availability of workplace charging, increasing the convenience of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and providing drivers with more options.

Ford Hybrid’s EV+ Feature Learns and Automatically Adjusts Powertrain to Deliver More Electric-Only Driving

Nov-12-2012 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN – Ford is taking the smarts and performance of its electrified vehicle lineup to a whole new level with EV+, a patent-pending feature that actually helps vehicles learn frequent destinations, and delivers to hybrid drivers what they love – more driving time in electric-only mode.

New Fast Charging Standards for Electric Vehicles

Oct-16-2012 6:15 AM ET

​DEARBORN - Ford is pleased to support the SAE International’s success in publishing the standard that will allow for electric vehicle charge times of 15 to 30 minutes, which augments and is compatible with the existing electric vehicle charging standard employed by all automakers in the U.S. This SAE standard is harmonized with the European standards organizations, and is also endorsed by all German automakers.

Miles Per Gallon Equivalent? How Far Can You Drive on a Gallon of Electrons?

Oct-11-2012 6:00 AM ET

​DEARBORN – ¡Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Konnichiwa, Nǐ hǎo. So many ways just to say hello. When we start talking technology, things get even more complicated starting with MPGe or miles per gallon equivalent.

Ford and Schneider Electric Join Forces to Deliver Pan-European Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Sep-26-2012 3:45 AM ET

COLOGNE, Germany – Ford Motor Company and Schneider Electric are joining forces to deliver an electric vehicle charging solution for homes and businesses across Europe.