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 Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards

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2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards Recognizes the One Ford Team Spirit
DEARBORN - At Ford Motor Company, successful diversity and inclusion efforts do not go unrecognized.  Winners of the 2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards were recently named and are being applauded for their ability to Go Further to bring diversity, inclusion and the One Ford commitment to life. Click here to read more.



Winners of the 2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards


Diversity and Inclusion: Global Benchmarking Team Helps Drive Business and Marketing Decisions
DEARBORN - The Global Benchmarking leadership team is a cross-functional global team that works together to achieve extraordinary results that help to drive business and market decisions. The team is made up of various leadership levels with representatives from both Cost Estimating and Product Development Benchmarking. Operating in four regions arou​nd the globe, all with different constraints and resources, the team had struggled to overcome cultural barriers and work collectively. The team functioned as autonomous units all reporting their own regional status with little consideration of the impact on the other regional business.   Click here to read more.  

DIA: Ford Driver Information Fuel Gauge Test Methods and Engineering Verification Team Recognized for Leading the Way
DEARBORN - A cross-functional team comprised of members from Vehicle Evaluation Verification (VEV) Electrical Sign Off, EESE, Fuel Systems, Michigan Proving Ground (MPG) and Allen Park Test Laboratory (APTL) was formed with the goal of providing improved driver information and fuel gauge validation and verification methods. The team, who was awarded the company’s Diversity and Inclusion award, illustrates personal commitments to global One Ford leadership and made a significant contribution by fostering excellence, working together inclusively and role modeling Ford values in all interactions.   Click here to read more.  

D​iversity and Inclusion Winner: Matthew Loynes Raises Awareness of Men’s Health Issues
GREAT BRITAIN - Over the last four years, Diversity and Inclusion winner Matthew Loynes has taken on the role of global Movember coordinator within Ford Motor Company, raising awareness of men’s health issues. Movember is an annual charity event committed to raising money and global awareness of men’s health issues and to fight against prostate cancer.   Click here to read more.  

Diversity and Inclusion Winner: Caspar Dirk Hohage Leverages a Diverse Work Force
GERMANY - As a sponsor and champion of the Henry Ford Scholarship Program, Caspar Dirk Hohage, a Diversity and Inclusion award winner, encourages the recruitment of highly qualified female engineers in order to raise their number at Ford and enhance the brand image as a modern diverse employer. Hohage met with scholarship holders several times to give them insight into Ford and demonstrate Ford’s interest in hiring them when they graduate.  Click here to read more.  

Diversity and Inclusion Winner: Erdaw Miko Contributes to Educational and Sustainability Efforts in Ethiopia
​​MENJIKSO TADE, Ethopia - Several years ago, Erdaw Miko began collecting money to build a school in his home village. The project, “A School for Menjikso Tade,” is aimed at improving the educational conditions for children.  Click here to read more.  

Diversity and Inclusion Winner: Ford Credit China Next-Generation Business Process and Technology Platform Team Fosters a One Ford Credit Environment
​​With locations and employees around the world, it can be quite a challenge for any global company to instill a feeling of collaboration. However, Ford Motor Company’s One Ford philosophy achieved just this, bringing together teams from around the world to deliver best-in-class platforms and processes.. Click here to read more.  

Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner: Ford Taubaté HR Team Influences Change in the Community
​​TAUBATÉ, Brazil - Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” His message reminds us of Ford’s commitment to playing an active role in the community and demonstrating the company’s key corporate values of caring and inclusion. Click here to read more.  

Dragon Source Process Team Implements Engine Supplier Selection Strategy
​NANJING, China. and DEARBORN, Mich. - The Dragon Engine Global Purchasing Program Team is made up of employees from multiple regions. As a result of their collaborative approach to maximize participation from all regions, they were able to develop and drive implementation of an engine supplier selection strategy, earning the team a 2013 Diversity and Inclusion Award. Click here to read more.  


PCAM Business Support Team Unites Diverse Work Force
​CHENNAI, India - The Project Control/Asset Management support team (PCAM) is a diverse team formed with the primary objective of aligning local process systems with global systems. When the PCAM system was being launched for South American locations, the team provided the necessary business support to the Property Accounting department in South America. Click here to read more.  


Robert Coury Leverages Work Life Flexibility to Further Business Goals
​ DEARBORN - At a time when experienced hire engineers were sometimes difficult to come by, Diversity and Inclusion Award (DIA) winner Robert (Bob) Coury has managed to add talent to Ford’s vehicle engineering team by providing a comfortable and flexible work environment. Click here to read more.  


Nand Kochhar Recognized for Bringing Diverse Groups Together
​ DEARBORN - Diversity and Inclusion Award-winner Nand Kochhar has been instrumental in organizing external grassroots partnerships with community organizations including the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC), Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA), India League of America (ILA), Asian Indian Women's Association (AIWA), Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) and American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI). Click here to read more.  


IT Service Operations Manager Develops Global 9-Point Lessons
​ DEARBORN - When North America Server Operations Manager and Diversity and Inclusion award recipient Bharat Kharadia began working with Global Solaris Server Operations three years ago, he discovered each team site used local processes, tools and supporting knowledge to maintain site-specific configurations. Click here to read more.  

Ford Credit Teams Foster Respectful and Inclusive Environment for All Members
​ MEXICO CITY - The Ford Credit Latin America and Ford Credit Mexico management teams are responsible for the recent resumption of retail financing in Mexico. These teams collaborated from multiple locations around the world, juggling time zones and negotiating cultural nuances to complete the challenging project in 18 months. Click here to read more.  

Carver Dumke and Danti Burchi Win 2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Award
DEARBORN - Carver Dumke, manager, U.S. Extended Service Plan (ESP), GAP and WearCare, is being recognized with a 2013 Diversity & Inclusion Award for Leading the Way and Dante Burchi is being recognized with a Diversity and Inclusion Award for his commitment to worklife flexibility. Click here to read more.  

Bhanu Vijaya Encourages Worklife Balance
CHENNAI - Bhanu Vijaya’s “lead by example” attitude has earned her a Diversity and Inclusion Award in the category of “Leading the Way.” Vijaya, a manager in the Office of Tax Counsel (OTC) in Chennai, India, is the person to go-to for support. She has incorporated the popular concept of One Team among her team members. Click here to read more.  

Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) Non-Campus Recruiting Team
DEARBORN - The STA Non-Campus Recruiting Team is being recognized with a Global Diversity and Inclusion Award for their demonstrated use of partnerships in utilizing Human Resources, Finance, the Recruiting Office and Powertrain Operations to leverage a diverse workforce and ensure the right people, skills and talents are available to support business needs. Click here to read more.  

Windsor Operations Recognized for Cross-Functional Excellence
OAKVILLE, Ontario -The results are in for the Ford Global Diversity and Inclusion Awards. The awards recognize teams in the global Ford community who support the ONE Ford plan through their outstanding ‘Go Further’ contributions in the area of diversity and inclusion. Ford Windsor Operations is honoured to accept an award under the Leveraging a Diverse Workforce category. This award recognizes teams that exhibit an understanding of the value of diverse teams and partnerships to capitalize on business and market opportunities, while actively participating in attracting and developing a diverse workforce. Click here to read more. 

Sajit Haridas, Ford Asia Pacific’s Regional Purchasing Director, Strives to Tap Society’s Goodness to Help Orphans in India
CHENNAI, India - It all started in February 2010. That’s when Sajit Haridas, director, Regional Purchasing, Asia Pacific, started waking up at the crack of dawn every day to visit the wholesale vegetable market in Chennai. Click here to read more.  



Louisville Assembly's Tami Hatfield Wins DIA Award
LOUISVILLE - Corporate citizenship is a daily initiative for Ford Employee Relations Associate Tami Hatfield. Click here to read more.  



WMA Marketing Team Reaches Diverse Markets with One Campaign
DEARBORN - The great strides made in how Ford Motor Company markets products in California’s Hispanic and Asian markets have earned the West Market Area (WMA) Ford Marketing Team a Global Diversity and Inclusion Award. Click here to read more.  



EcoSport Utility Launch Team Leads the Way
CHONGQING, China - The goal was to launch the 2013 Ford EcoSport sport-utility vehicle in Chongqing, China by leveraging the talents of a globally diverse workforce. The EcoSport utility team, who recently was honored with a Diversity and Inclusion award, accomplished their objective. The global team of over two hundred was onsite in Chongqing for two years, and needed to stay united during stressful and challenging times. Click here to read more.  


Dan Dunnigan Unites Employees through Understanding
DEARBORN - Dan Dunnigan, the chair of the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) Employee Resource Group (ERG), is a recent recipient of Ford’s Diversity and Inclusion award. Click here to read more.  



Ford China REC’s Professional Women’s Network Strives to Empower and Inspire Women Employees
NANJING, China — The Professional Women’s Network (PWN) committee at Ford China REC was established in 2006 with the overarching goal of empowering, inspiring and supporting Ford REC female employees. PWN has made, and continues to make, incredible strides to help the women in the company improve in their careers, family and own individual lives. And their efforts have not gone unnoticed; the REC PWN just won the Ford Diversity and Inclusion Award for Leveraging a Diverse Workforce. Click here to read more.  

PD Finance Process Team Leads the Way in Global Process Improvement, Team Support
DEARBORN - The Global Product Development (PD) Finance Process group, recently honored with a Diversity and Inclusion Award, was created in 2012 to support strategic PD objectives and ongoing process improvements. The team is led by Ines Sabet and team members are located in both the U.S. and India. The U.S. PD Finance Process Teamoverall team objective is to ensure consistent financial reporting to drive financial health for all vehicle and powertrain programs globally though effective process and system deployment. Click here to read more.  

Ford DOM John Savona Highlights Efforts to Honor Nation’s Military Veterans
LOUISVILLE - Ford Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner and Director of Manufacturing for Vehicle Operations John Savona was the leader of the Ford Veterans Network Group (VET NG) regional chapter at Louisville Assembly Plant (LAP) from 2010-2013. While at LAP, Savona led the chapter's involvement in the local community for various veteran-related initiatives and collaborated with local UAW community leaders in support of veterans projects. Click here to read more.  


Ford’s Chip Campbell Works to Encourage Recruiting, Hiring of Military Veterans
DEARBORN - Chip Campbell, a Diversity and Inclusion Award winner, has positively represented Ford and the Ford Veterans Network Group (VET NG) by establishing relationships with the company’s Human Resources and Recruiting groups in order to align those departments with veterans transitioning to the workforce. Click here to read more.   


Kelvin Squires Leads the Way at Work, in Community
LIVONIA, Mich. - Kelvin Squires, global delivery chief, Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering, leads teams on large scale programs for Engine, Transmission and Driveline Manufacturing. This scope covers all North American, South American, Asia Pacific and Africa powertrain facilities. Click here to read more.  


Jose Pareja’s Document Translation Initiative Helps Encourage Comprehension of Training Material
DEARBORN - Jose Pareja is a certified Ford MODAPTS (Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standard) instructor. MODAPTS is a technique used by Ford engineers to analyze the time required to perform work. The MODAPTS system uses a standardized alpha/numeric coding system based on the work motions. Click here to read more.  


Chicago Stamping Plant Diversity Team’s ‘Bring Your Work to Your Family’ Develops New Campaign
CHICAGO - Two years ago, the Chicago Stamping Plant Diversity Team created a new campaign, ”Bring Your Work to Your Family.“ The goal of the campaign, a play on ”Bring Your Kids to Work Day,“was to address the common thread among manufacturing employees – family. Employees working in manufacturing seldom have the opportunity to share their work with their families, except through stories. The Diversity Team wanted their families to know and understand how much they are valued. Click here to read more. 

Ford Worklife Integration Team Promotes Worklife Flexibility
​DEARBORN - The FCSD Marketing Worklife Integration Team accepted the challenge to develop tools to support a culture of empowerment and worklife integration. The team began by looking externally at best practices in other organizations. Then, this passionate group developed a vision statement to empower each team member to control their lives and their contributions through the use of technology and coach employee-manager relationships. Click here to read more.  


Bob Goodwin Receives Global Diversity and Inclusion Award for Fostering a Respectful and Inclusive Environment
​DEARBORN - Bob Goodwin has been the co-lead and HR representative for the Finance Diversity Council for over 10 years.  In this role, he has provided the council strategic direction and helped lead many initiatives.  One initiative is the high school diversity module. This project involves teams of four to five volunteers delivering presentations at metro-Detroit high schools outlining the importance of diversity. Through Bob's efforts with the Finance Diversity Council, over 250 Finance employees have participated in this project and delivered over 60 presentations on creating diversity awareness and demonstrating how diversity benefits Ford.  These presentations were delivered at about 15 high schools to approximately 2,100 students. Bob's assistance was critical in crafting the message for the High School Module. Click here to read more.  

IT Strategy and Portfolio Manager Inspires Others to Own Working Together
​DEARBORN - Winning the 2013 Global Diversity and Inclusion Award comes as no surprise to Stephen Livingston’s friends and family members. When it comes to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment, Livingston is known as a role model. Click here to read more.


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