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Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and vice president of Research and Innovation, with Louis Tijerina, winner of the Dr. Haren Gandhi Research and Innovation Award.
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 Recognizing Innovation at the 2013 Henry Ford Technology Awards

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​DEARBORN – Stemming from Henry Ford’s vision to open the highways to all mankind, Ford Motor Company was founded on innovation.

Known for more than just great cars and trucks, Ford is a technology company, focused on the development of cutting-edge innovations that make the consumer experience seamless and enjoyable.

For that we owe thanks to our researchers, scientists and engineers who generate ingenious ideas that keep the company ahead of the game.

For the 33rd year, these innovation leaders were acknowledged for their achievements at the recent 2013 Henry Ford Technology Awards (HFTA).

“The technical fellowships and technical recognition are the heart and soul of Ford,” said Alan Mulally, president and CEO.  “The Henry Ford Technology Awards are the embodiment of Go Further because what our tech team does every day continuously improves the technology and makes it useful to people around the world.”

The HFTA program was established to celebrate the exceptional technical contributions of Ford employees globally. Each year, recipients of this prestigious award are recognized for their ground-breaking developments that help pave the way in the automotive industry.

“We are first and foremost a product company and that will always be true,” said Mark Fields, president, The Americas.  “Your contributions and technological innovations around our products helped us get to where we are today and will help us get to where we want to go tomorrow.”  

Since the start, these unique innovations have been the backbone of the company and the foundation that is built upon with the technical excellence of Ford employees.

“It’s really about the history and the heritage of our company and the legacy that Henry Ford left us in his technologies and innovation.  Just reflecting on all of the changes over his life time, we’re talking about farms to factories, candlelight to light bulbs, horse drawn carriages to cars, and really building on that legacy of innovation,” said Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and vice president of Research and Innovation. 

Developments like the single sided laser joining of the 2013 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, and the implementation of the powertrain active noise control system are just a few examples of the awards presented at this years’ HFTA event.

Awarding employees for their work is just one example of how Ford is going further, according to Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and vice president of Research and Innovation.

“This is just a great evening of recognition and celebration for the great things that our engineering team does,” he said.

Awards were presented in the areas of manufacturing, product development and research. Including two special recognitions this year of a Ford Technical Fellow position awarded to Dr. Michael A Tamor and the Dr. Haren Gandhi Research and Innovation Award to Louis Tijerina. Below is a brief summary of each award and its team members.

-For the development and integration of the Trailer Backup Assist Controller
 Shane Elwart (Research and Advanced Engineering), Tomas Pilutti (Research and Advanced Engineering), Douglas Rhode (Research and Advacned Engineering), Matthew Rupp (Research and Advanced Engineering), David Smit (Research and Advanced Engineering)
     Nominator – Randal Visintainer

-For the development of the Driver Workload Estimator for Vehicle Information and Connectivity Management
 Reates Curry (Research and Advanced Engineering), Dimitar Filev (Research and Advacned Engineering), Jianbo Lu (Research and AdvaNCED Enginerring), Kwaku Prakah-Asante (Research and Advanced Engineering), Louis Tijerina (Research and Advanced Engineering)
     Nominator – Randal Visintainer

-For the development and implementation of the E100 Engine Cold-Start Strategy for quick and Robust Start at Reduced Cost
David Reiche (Powertrain Research and Advaned Engineering), Helmut Ruhland (Powertrain Research and Advaned Engineering), Foo Chern Timg (Powertrain Research and Advanced Engineering), Kevin Muncy (Powertrain Calibration NA-PCCN), Luis Possamai (Powertrain Calibration FSAO-PCCN)
Riegger (PTO)
     Nominators – Andreas Schamel, Philip Yuhasz, Peter Dowding

-For the development, implementation and application of Automatic Generation of Manufactuable Draw Beads
Laurent Chappuis (Vehicle Operations), Yuan-Ping Hu (Information Technology), Evangelos Liasi (Vehicle operations), Ge Shen (Body Exteriior CAE), Fei Wang (Infoation Technology)
     Nominator – Jeff Spencer

-For the development and implementation of Single Sided Laswer Joining of the 2013 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
Joseph Antoni (Vehicle Operations), Jogn Edit (Vehicle Operations), john Joyce (Product Development), Rene Magadan (Vehicle Operations, Mexico), Arnon Wexler (Vehicle Operations)
     Nominators – Jeff Spencer
-For the development, integration ande launch of the Wireless In-Plant Module Flashing
Gregory Fadanelli (Vehicle Operations), Daeid Soleimani (Vehicle Operations), Winfred Beecham (Powertrain Engineering), Brian Perry (Powrtrain Engineering)
     Nominators - Jeff Spencer, Phillip Yuhasz

-For the design, development and implementation of the Rotor Magnetizing for Hybrid Transmissions 
 David Chesney (global Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering), Harry Kekedjian (global Powertrain Manufacturing Eningeering), Todd McMullen (Supplier – President, Magneitc Instrumenttion, Inc.), Peter Szpara (Global Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering), Jeff Zarr (Powertrain Operations)
     Nominator – William Russo

-For the development and implementation of the Powertrain Active noise Control System
Ming-Te Cheng (PCCN – P/T NVH R&D), Ming-Ran Lee (PCCN – P/T NVH R&D), Yoshio Nakamura (Supplier – Panasonic), Wayne VanHaaften (PCCN – P/T NVH R&D), James Hartman (EESE – Audio electronics  & Applications)
     Nominators – Takeshi Abe, Graydon Reitz

-For the decelopment and implementation of the Focus Electric high Voltage Battery System
Steven Chorian (Electrified powertrain Engineering), John Gibeau (Electrified Powertrain Engineering), Jeff Grimes (Electrified Powertrain Engineering), Robert Link (Electrified Powertrain Engineering), Patrick Maguire (Electrified Powertrain Engineering)
     Nominator – Kevin layden

-For the development and implementation of the Wireless Multi-Vehicle Multi-Module Reflashing System
Paul A. Mueller (Vehicle Evaluation and Verification), Furqan Zafar Shaikh (Powertrain Research and Advanced Engineering), Thomas Svenson (Vehicle Evaluation and Verifications), Medville J. Throop (Powertrain Research and Advaned Engineering), Brian D. Tillman (Powertrain Research and Advanced  Engineering)
      Nominator – Jackie Shuk

11/1/2013 6:00 AM