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Juan Antonio Garcia on Go Further

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 Ford of Mexico Marketing Director Shares How the Company Goes Further to Make a Difference in the Community

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​MEXICO CITY - @Ford Online recently interviewed Ford of Mexico Marketing Director Juan Antonio Garcia about the company's new global brand promise and how his team works everyday to go further.  Below are excerpts from that discussion.

Q. How do you describe Go Further to your team members?
A. It’s what we do every single day.  I don’t think there’s anybody at Ford that’s not committed to giving his or her 110 percent every single day. Now it's time to communicate that to the world and share that we are truly committed to making a difference, to develop the products and automotive services that customers need for their transportation needs.  I think we all understand what Go Further means internally for Ford, and it’s a way of portraying it to the outside world. 

Q. In what ways has your team already gone further?
A. I think our everyday life is living proof of going further.  In Mexico, we have a number of success stories.  For example we talk about favorable opinion, specifically the overall brand opinion of the company in Mexico. Ford of Mexico has – according to the BEAT metrics – the strongest favorable opinion metric in the whole world. So that speaks to our Marketing efforts and our ongoing Communication strategies. I think that’s one part that is very important about Ford.

There's also the emotional part – the things we do for the community and all the things we work on in the community. For example for the third year, Ford was named the best place to work in Mexico.  It’s the best company to work for in Mexico. So that tells you that even though we work hard, it’s in an environment that people enjoy and find challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

When you talk about community, there’s many programs that we have in Mexico that gives back some of the things that the community has given us.  We have a program that builds elementary schools in Mexico, which we’ve been doing for 45 years.  We now have over 210 schools. Additionally, we have environmental programs in which we save endangered species. As a matter of fact, this coming March we’re going to give back an endangered species to the Mexican government, which is the Baja Pronghorn, that we were able to save.  That's our commitment and our contribution to the environment in Mexico. 

We are also very dedicated to the cultural aspects of Mexico.  We sponsor museums as well as participate in cultural events throughout the country. 

So it’s really going further not just on the business side but in the communities where we live and do business.

Q. How do you feel Go Further distinguishes Ford from its competitors?
A. I think it’s going to be a very simple and direct way of proving what we’re doing and the difference we’re making.  As a matter of fact , in the case of the Latin region – not only Mexico but also Argentina and Brazil – we’re developing a primary brand ad campaign that will run with Go Further that shares everything that we’ve just talked about and everything we believe Go Further should mean.

Q. In what ways do you feel Go Further contributes to the transformation process that is already in place at Ford?
A. I think the fundamental changes from a product standpoint rely on the four pillars – Green, Safe, Quality and Smart – and those are the pillars that make the difference for our customers in regards to the products and experiences we’re providing to them.  Go Further is just the explanation of how we’re working on those four pillars to really make a strong difference and be a company that doesn’t resemble any other auto company in the world right now.


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3/8/2012 9:20 AM