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 Customers Share Go Further Dealer Feedback in Rhyme

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​Evans Halshaw, Manchester CMA, recently received their fantastic customer feedback in verse:

FORD  really is the best
OH!  Much better than the rest
RUNNING  A customer service 1st rate
DEAR  Ford you really are great

It has taken me so much time
To sit down and write this rhyme
I really want to convey
This message your way
We recently received a car on DLA
Your service is the best is what everyone did say
A very satisfied customer I’m sure we will stay
Delighted and grateful are we
Your salesman was so wonderful to see
Giving us so much time and devotion
We just want to show our appreciation
And say thank YOU for the service so great
You really do come up 1st rate
Thankful & Grateful Customers,
David & Ester Simon

4/30/2012 6:00 AM