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​The picture shows the whole team when we finished the closing presentation.
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 CAF LSO Makes First Supplier Visit

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​CHONGQING - Under guidance of the APA LSO, APA TVM team and CAF TVM team and in cooperation with the CAF Buyer team, CAF Cost Estimator team and supplier team, CAF LSO team successively finished the first supplier visit at Benteler Chongqing plant.

Benteler Chongqing Plant was established in December 2010, which mainly made hot-forming parts and chassis parts for CAF and FAW-VW, VOLVO, etc. and currently has 456 person staff. This time, we have two control parts: FLCA (front low control arm) and RLA (rear low arm). Benteler headquarters and the Asia center team hosted this workshop.

During the three days (March 19 to March 21) at Benteler Chongqing plant, Douglas led CAF LSO team through all manufacturing processes. We measured cycle time with stop watches and counted all semi-manufacture goods station by station.

We went from welding cell to painting line and assembly line. Meanwhile, we practiced Ford global LSO tools such as process analysis, performance to TAKT, OEE, JPH, MUD, Value Chain Analysis, etc.

Additionally, CAF LSO team actively learned how to perform a visit and discovered and discussed the lean opportunities during the site visit.

For example, after our team finished line balance analysis, man-machine analysis and layout analysis for robot welding cell, we found an opportunity to release one operator and to increase JPH from 77 to 99 by utilizing the idle time of operators.

In the end, we totally captured 15 cost saving opportunities related to two control parts with open support of the Benteler global team and effort of the whole CAF team.

We expect a brilliant future for the CAF LSO team.
LSO Milestone in CAF
2012-10  CAF LSO (Lean Supplier Optimization) team found  
2012-11  APA LSO team conduct classroom training 
2013-1   CAF LSO work process aligned with Purchase LSO
2013-3   CAF LSO team visit first supplier-Benteler Chongqing Plant
在长安福特的荣光下,让我们一起期待CAF LSO团队辉煌的未来
长安福特 LSO里程碑:
2012-10  长安福特LSO团队成立
2012-11  亚太精益团队来长安福特培训
2013-1   团队与采购就工作流程达成一致
2013-3   长安福特LSO团队访问第一家供应商---本特勒重庆工厂

4/4/2013 6:00 AM