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 Diversity and Inclusion Award Nominee of the Week: HR FCG Steering Committee

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DEARBORN - The Diversity and Inclusion Summit recognizes teams and individuals who Go Further to bring diversity and inclusion and the One Ford commitment to life.  This week, we introduce you to another of the many terrific teams nominated for the 2012 Diversity and Inclusion Awards.



TEAM MEMBERS: Miikelle Barber, Philip Brissette, Neal Butler, Nathan Cromwell, Lauren Gross, Timothy Jenson, Kelly Schmidt, Keena Sioui,  Emily Sutherland, Staci Washington,

Since 2011, the HR FCG Steering Committee has worked to leverage a diverse workforce and foster an inclusive environment for interns and HR FCGs. With no budget and constraints of having several constituents outside of southeastern Michigan, the team has managed to coordinate over eight networking events and four learning events with senior HR leaders like Ford Group Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services Felicia Fields and Vice President of Labor Affairs Marty Mulloy.

The FCG Steering Committee has taken a lead role in reaching out to HR interns throughout their summer experience, hosting panel discussions, social events and final presentation assistance to include them in the Ford culture and attract them to the company. The team has dedicated a tremendous amount of energy in identifying opportunities to engage, socialize and inform the newest generation of HR professionals at Ford Motor Company.  Through their efforts, they have been able to assist in attracting and engaging interns throughout the recruitment process, fostering a collaborative and fun place to work for HR FCGs.

The team also has sponsored and coordinated several community improvement projects in which FCGs and interns volunteered at local food banks. In order to contribute to the HR community as a whole and build functional and technical excellence, the committee has participated in two larger extracurriculum projects which required partnership with The College of Human Resources and Recruiting function.

Please join the summit event and see if some of your favorite nominations are selected as Corporate Honorees. This year's event will be Web-streamed live from World Headquarters in Dearborn, on Nov.  7 and will be led by our Group Vice President of Global Purchasing Tony Brown.   The award presenters will be Program Managers/job-share partners Julie Rocco and Julie Levine. 

Mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate the deserving teams and individuals who truly…. GO FURTHER!

9/19/2012 5:55 AM