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Plant Profile

City: Dearborn

State: Michigan
Current Products: I4 Engines (2.0L) 
Year Opened: 1941   
Product History: P&W 18cyl. Radial Aircraft Engine (1941–1945); General Electric turbocharger – Aircraft (1942–1944); Product: 360/390 V-Engine Family (1958-1978); Lemans 427 Racing Engine (1971–1973); 172 CID Industrial 4cyl. (1973–1976); 1.8l/1.9l CT-20 - Erika (1978–1997); 2.0l CT-120 – CVH/SPI (1997-2003); P-150/C-170  I-4 Engine (1999-Present)

Fuel Tank Mfg. Operations (1962-2011); Most recent Vehicles include: Edge/MKX, Mustang, Crown Victoria, Lincoln, Escape, Focus, E-Series, and F-Series Commercial

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