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​Chicago Assembly Plant Final Assembly Conveyors, 1925
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 This Month in Ford Motor Company History

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December 2 1927: New Model A introduced in North America

December 3 1981: Ranger unveiled at 1983-Model Ranger National News Conference

December 7 1928  Ford Motor Company Ltd. established in England

December 8 1998: Ford becomes first and only auto company to certify its plants around the world under ISO 14001--140 plants in 26 countries

December 9 1983: Ford Motor Company and Cosworth Engineering, Ltd. form partnership to produce Grand Prix racing engine

December 10 1915: One-millionth Ford Model T engine built

December 10 1947: Atlanta Assembly Plant is dedicated by Henry Ford II

December 10 1970: Lee Iacocca becomes company president

December 10 1981: Ford announces that Rouge Steel will become a wholly-owned subsidiary on January 1, 1982

December 11 1961: Ford Motor Company acquires Philco Corporation

December 11 1989: Ford publicly declares majority control of Jaguar

December 12 1960: President John F. Kennedy names Robert McNamara as secretary of defense, McNamara resigns as company president effective January 1, 1961

December 13 1993: AutoAlliance International in Flat Rock, MI produces first right-hand-drive Ford Probe for delivery to the United Kingdom

December 14 1956: Ford Motor Company offers donation of 210 acres of the Fair Lane estate, and $6.5 million grant to the University of Michigan for the establishment of a Dearborn Center of the university

December 14 1977: Ford announces selection of Batavia Township, Ohio, as site of new transmission plant

December 14 1978: 150-millionth Ford vehicle built – a 1979 Mustang – at the Dearborn Assembly Plant

December 15 1989: Ford Motor Company sells Rouge Steel subsidiary

December 15 1997: Ford research centre in Aachen, Germany celebrates the cornerstone laying ceremony for its new state-of-the-art European research laboratory

December 16 1985: Ford Motor Company buys First Nationwide Financial Corporation

December 16 1997: Ford celebrates official opening ceremony of a newly-expanded Dunton Engineering Center in Essex, England

December 17 1983: Continental Mark VII introduced

December 18 1981: Ford and Mazda establish Autorama, a joint venture distribution channel for Ford products in Japan

December 18 1995: Aeromax, FMC's first all-new heavy duty truck in twenty-five years, is built at Kentucky Truck Plant

December 18 1999: The Model T is named Car of the Century at an internationally-attended gala in Las Vegas, NV

December 19 1957: Ford's Lima, Ohio plant produces the company's 25-millionth V-8 engine

December 19 1972: Ford Lio Ho Company is incorporated to assemble vehicles and engines in Taiwan

December 19 1995: Ford Motor Company launches new advanced computer technology system for global vehicle development

December 19 1996: For the first time in automotive history, one vehicle sales division – Ford – has sold 2-million trucks in a single calendar year

December 21 1955: Ford files registration statement with Securities and Exchange Commission covering proposed initial offering of 10,200,00 shares of its common stock

December 26 1985: All-new Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable go on sale

December 26 1987: Front-wheel-drive Lincoln Continental introduced

December 26 1992: New Lincoln Mark VIII introduced

December 26 1995: Ford announces return to the Egyptian market, after leaving in the mid-1960s

December 26 1999: U.S. Postal Service awards Ford Motor Company largest ever electric vehicle order

December 26 2001: F-Series celebrates 25th anniversary as America's best-selling truck

December 30 1987: Hertz Corporation acquired for $1.3 billion by Park Ridge Corporation, formed by Ford and members of Hertz management

December 31 1913: Ford Motor Company opens sales branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 31 1913: Sales operations begin in Sao Paulo, Brazil

December 31 1988: Worldwide earnings reach all-time high of $5.3 billion – highest to date for any automotive company​

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