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 REP Milestone Anniversaries

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Congratulations to the REP employees celebrating milestone anniversaries in July! Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to Ford Motor Company and Romeo Engine Plant. ​

5 Years:
Zamir Ahmad
10 Years:
Dan Kulha
15 Years:
Albert Spinella
Teresa Green
Doyle Nanny
Shawn Stewart
Jeremy Phillips
Kenneth Bowling
Lenton Taylor
Salvatore Dimaggio
Theresa Fortson
Terry Genovich
Owen Boyagian
Francesco Vario
Brenden Browning
20 Years:
Eric Mission
John Francis
Dave Baran
John George
Daniel Pagnani
25 Years:
David Falcon
William Vanbeylen
Michael Kaminski
35 Years:
Charles Vaneenoo
John Foster
Mariano Pacini
Dan Zeigler
Marvin Gill
Robert Vinckier
40 Years:
Kathleen Quinci
David Morabito
Gary Trost
Bernie Wirtz
Rick Wright
Steven Abel
Paul Thomas
Kenneth Honeycheck
45 Years:
Jeremiah Richardson
7/16/2013 12:00 AM