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​A portion of the FPS Strategy room at Rawsonville has been devoted to understanding Policy Deployment.
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 Plant Manager's Message: Understanding Policy Deployment

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As we continue our efforts to gain traction through the implementation of Global Ford Production System (FPS) standards at Rawsonville, it’s important to understand the role that Policy Deployment plays in becoming an aligned and capable organization.
Policy Deployment is a structured process for delivering shared and supported performance objectives throughout all levels of the organization to ensure total alignment with the company's business plan and vision.
To reinforce our message, we’ve made some visible changes to the FPS Strategy room. We’ve cleared off a section of the board to fit in key information about Policy Deployment.
A portion of the room will soon display the plant’s scorecard along with master schedules, which are work plans showing what objectives have been set and actions to achieve them. These changes will help you understand our status as a plant, while at the same time identify areas of improvement.
Lastly, it’s important to emphasize that Policy Deployment affects everyone at Rawsonville.
Not only will it help us understand how to be aligned with our delivery objectives, but it will give us more direction and focus on initiatives as we look to gain speed in this “Year of Traction.” 
Let’s all continue our efforts to be the driving force of positive change at Rawsonville!
3/5/2014 12:00 AM