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 LTP ‘Goes Green’

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Have you checked your trash today? While it may be a bit humorous when put that way, it does serve a specific and important purpose. 
Here are some tips to help you label and put waste in the correct containers:
-Don’t throw batteries in the trash.
-LTP has “battery buckets” for used batteries. Let us know if you need one.
-Don’t throw aerosol cans in the trash.
-Drums are located in the center area and the garage for aerosol disposal.
-Don’t throw oily soaked rags in the trash
-Mixing waste makes for a messy and potentially dangerous cleanup.
-Do you need a drum in your area?
-Contact me at x34526 or email for more information.
Take a moment to refresh your memory on what is significant to the environment in your department. Do you know some of the key components of our Environmental Management System?
Plant Policy:
-Reduce Waste.
-Meet or exceed the regulations.
-Continuous improvement.

Significant Environmental Aspects: 
-What impacts does your department have on the environment?
-Manage wastes properly—chips in the chip bins, minimize oil usage.
-Reduce energy by turning off equipment when not in use.

Environmental Objectives & Targets:
-Know the Scorecard Metrics or where to find them – are they posted in your area?
-Follow proper work practices and procedures.
-Is there anything critical to the environment in your department?
-Changing washer filters when required.
-Maintaining coolant and washer fluid concentrations.
-Do you need any additional training to ensure we are complying with regulations, policies and procedures?
-If there was a spill, call your supervisor or plant security.
-Don’t clean up a chemical spill if you are not trained to do so.
-Management review.
-Periodically review any issues you may have with your supervisor or plant management.

Audit week is August 19th. The information here may help you answer some of the auditor’s questions. The audit will cover all shifts and all aspects of the plant, so take a moment to review what happens in your department and keep Going Green!
8/15/2013 12:00 AM