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 Family Fun Day / Open House 2013

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A Message from David Dronebarger, Plant Manager
I hope each of you had the opportunity to attend our plant’s Open House last weekend.  What an amazing event!  For those of you who brought family members out, I am sure you were able to share in my pride of our workplace and our great workforce.  My wife and three daughters had a fantastic afternoon and were so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet the many great people who stopped to talk with us. 
Of course, the event would not have been the enormous success it was without the tremendous efforts of all of our volunteers.  A small group handled thousands of visitors and kept smiles on their faces – and had fun! – throughout a really hot day!  When you see any of the following employees, retirees and CSP friends and family members, make sure you thank them for an outstanding job and a wonderful day!
Aubrey Allen 
Pam Allen 
Charlie Alliss 
Frank Ambrose 
Corey Andrews 
Mark Becker
Abby Mara Benko 
Cheyenne Benko 
Kevin Benko 
Chris Benson 
Robert Berg 
Deanna Bibbs
Patty Bliss 
Aaron Bliss 
James Brodeur 
Bernie Buhr 
Vanessa Burkes 
Shranda Campbell
Reese Coros 
Patti Coros 
Kevin Deeke 
Sara Dust 
Deirdre Elliott 
Roy Erdmann
Savannah Dempsey 
Ike Essary 
Charlie Evans 
Rod Gamble 
Rod Gilmore 
Nena Grbavac
Roberto Garcia Jr. 
Shanetta Gibbs-Cowgur 
Twuana Hamilton 
Perry Haynes 
Jim Henderson 
Ronda Holliday
Stacy Holman 
Kerwin Holman 
Lenetta Humphrey 
Bill Jackson 
Kristin Jantovsky 
Donnie Jones
Jerry Jendraszkiewicz 
Nancy Jendraszkiewicz 
Bonnie Knight 
Norbert Knight 
Matt Kolanowski 
Mary McCary
Chuck McCary 
Maria Montalvo 
Charles Norris 
Annita O’Connor 
Gabriel Ordonez 
Kishua Parker
Delores Perkins 
James Pipkins III 
George Ratkovich 
Gennett Ringo 
Juan Rivera 
Randy Rodriguez
Eugene Rogers
Erica Schutte 
Michael Schutte 
Mark Schutz 
Acy Shannon 
Marcella Stafford 
Angelina Standfield
Newton Robertson 
Rebecca Taylor 
Bryant Thompson 
Diana Torian 
Steve Van Baber 
Steve Van Baber Jr
Renee Robertson-Hood 
Esther Vargas 
Leroy Washington 
Brendan White 
David Williams 
Randall Willis
Jacqueline Washington 
Lawrence Woods 
John Zager Sr 
John Zager Jr 
Julie Zager 

In closing, we have an outstanding hourly and salaried workforce here and Chicago Stamping Plant is a great place to work.  I hope each of you came away from Family Fun Day feeling that way and I encourage all of you to bring that feeling with you to work every day!
*This article is an exerpt from the CSP July 2013 Newsletter. To view the newsletter in its entiretly, click here to view the PDF.
**All photos from the event can be found on CSP's internal homepage - click here to view (must be within Ford Firewall to access).
7/22/2013 9:00 AM