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 Dearborn Engine Plant Revives the Local Joint Diversity and Equality Committee

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Dearborn Engine Plant is reviving the Local Joint Diversity and Equality Committee! Our purpose, initiatives and committee members are outlined below.
The Dearborn Engine Plant Local Joint Diversity and Equality Committee is a contractually authorized entity designated to increase awareness of Diversity and Equality in the plant with the goal of fostering a harmonious workplace environment where each person is respected for their differences. 

“Workplace diversity encompasses all of the many differences that define employees as unique and valuable individuals, including but not limited to culture, ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, age, abilities, disabilities, opinions, religion, beliefs, union affiliation, education, experience, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, and family status. Although the concept of diversity highlights our differences as individuals, the true value of workplace diversity is that such differences can create a whole that is more than the sum of its components – a group of individuals, whose collective strengths are derived from understanding, appreciating, and capitalizing on their particular personal attributes.”

"Such a harmonious environment will foster positive working relationships among all employees, thus allowing UAW-Ford people to succeed to the best of their abilities. Ultimately, this will result in a stronger Ford Motor Company, in turn leading to greater job security. But fundamentally, and perhaps most importantly, diversity is a matter of respect for the other human beings with whom we spend a significant portion of our lives – our co-workers. Union and Company leadership alike embrace this vision.”
Letters of Understanding Volume IV-A, page 185.

To promote this vision, the Local Joint Diversity and Equality Committee have planned a number of events and activities for Dearborn Engine Plant employees. Please see 2013 Initiatives below:

Favorite Fridays
Each Friday employees are encouraged to wear their favorite shirt that aligns with the following themes:
September – Favorite Professional Sports Team
October – Favorite Collegiate Sports Team
November – Favorite City/Town/State/Country/Continent
December – Favorite Color

Diversity and Equality Kick-Off Ice Cream Social
Dates: September 24 and 26, 2013
Times: TBD
Location: E.I. Auditorium
At this event, employees will have the opportunity to enjoy ice cream and it will provide the opportunity to learn more about the committee, obtain information on upcoming events, submit ideas/suggestions, and to get involved!

Ongoing Activities
TV/Text Messages to Employees
Distribution of literature around the plant
Diversity and Equality Training Sessions for Employees

In addition to activities and training, the committee is also established to address your concerns as they relate to diversity and equality in the workplace. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following committee members:
Tiffany Brightwell – Ford - Labor Relations (Co-chair)
Orlando Bryant – UAW (Co-chair)
Ray Johnson – Ford - Operations
Donald Church – Ford - Operations
Joann White – UAW - MP&L
Tonjia Ray – UAW - Assembly
*Stefanie Mullins – Communications Liaison

We look forward to your participation and enthusiasm!

9/10/2013 1:00 PM