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CEP employees who responded to the crank line fires.
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 CEP Employees "Go Further"

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Each month, members of the Joint Leadership Team recognize employees for going above and beyond here at the plant and out in the community. Many of these recognitions are submitted by their peers. If you would like to recognize someone for their efforts, you can do so by completing an Excellence in Action Form located:

  • On the CEP Website
  • At any of the askCEP Drop Boxes (Q13, D19, outside of Engine Assembly Conference Room)

Submit completed Excellence in Action Form:

  • Electronically: Email to
  • In person: to your Team Leader, Process Coach, or Department Manager or drop it into one of the askCEP Drop Boxes.
Now, here’s some of our most recent recipients:
Plant CMM Upgrade Project:
Jackson, George
Ostrander, Patty
Friedl, Ray
Chambers, Dan
Grzincic, Jerry
Kent, Tom
Engine Rack Template Guide Modification:
Filakosky, Mark
Koenig, Wally
Giammarco, Dave
Rihvalsky, Bob
Bold Leadership:
Dougherty, Mike
Crank Line Fires:
Bissett, Bruce
Redella, chris
Naypauer, Michelle
Marion, Dan
Nakoneczny, Ron
Johnston, Tom
Minch, Greg
Rinz, Bill
Wheeler, Brett
Lasch, Scott
Wilson, Scott
Barlock, George
Plachko, Ricky
Gnall, Phil
Belica, Bill
Geddes, Ernie
Bunday, Kevin
Naylor, Terry
Caracci, Joe
Platt, Kris
Rice, Tom
Zorij, Roman
Kitting Area Performance:
Sobat, Scott
Working Together:
Dr. Hastings
Working Together, Role Model Values:
Barlock, George
Role Model Ford Values:
Jackson, Dave
Going Further:
Moore, Andy
Gorris, Kirk
Thompson, Steve
Stratton, Robin
Shura, Summyr
Gulan, Betty
Turner, John
Thanks to these and every other employee who goes out of their way here at the plant and in the community. 
“Go Further,” it is not just an appealing slogan for consumers in America or China invented to lure them to take that extra step and check out a Ford vehicle.  It’s a commitment of a company and it’s employees that we have and will continue to go that extra mile to ensure we produce a safe and quality product at a competitive price.  
7/14/2014 11:00 AM