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 5S Work Place Organization Standards: Shine and Cleanliness

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Why do we need to Shine?

The cleaning process allows us to create pride in the workplace. It develops a “cleaning is inspection” mindset so problems and safety hazards will become more visible. This step emphasizes clean areas and equipment, makes cleaning a part of everyday work life, and helps to identify ways to keep the workplace clean. Shine also promotes keeping everything in top condition so that when someone needs to use something it is ready to be used.

How do we Shine?
Sufficient time and resources need to be allocated in order to make cleaning a part of our everyday work flow and build pride in the workplace. This is achieved through the implementation of a Shine campaign.
Who is involved in implementing the 5S Process?

Everyone! Leadership drives and leads by example; coaches confirm and evaluate the on-going status of the 5S Process. Team Leaders and Team Members apply the 5S Process and assist with identifying issues of concern in conjunction with Leadership.

Each Team member will be responsible for a defined area such at his or her work station. Team work is the key to a clean and safe working environment. Let’s all do our part!

1/31/2014 12:00 AM