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 News & Clipsheet


Welcome to the News & Clipsheet section of @Ford Online. FCN News provides the latest global Ford Motor Company and automotive industry news and information 24 hours a day. In this section of the site you can also find links to other Company news such as Clipsheet, Multimedia, Media and additional Ford Publications.

The FCN News section includes Ford Motor Company and industry news stories from around the globe.
Updated throughout the day, the Clipsheet includes news and information from various news sources regarding Ford Motor Company and the automotive industry. *Available internally only.
The Publication section is home to archives of @Ford North America, @Ford Europe, @Ford Asia Pacific magazines as well as the Blue Oval Connect retiree outreach communications.
This is a twice weekly note sent to global employees with pertinent news about Ford, the industry and the business environment.  It includes content from executives and outside voices.  On Thursday, it previews the week ahead. *Available internally only.
The daily report for automotive executives. Includes information on the latest in Innovation in design, engineering and development.
The Photos & Videos section houses the latest video and audio of Ford Motor Company products, technologies, initiatives and events as well as archives the company's internal news broadcasts.
News and information about Emerging Market Services (EMS), which provides Marketing, Sales and Service support to emerging and opportunity markets throughout all of Ford Motor Company’s global business units.
 is the company's multimedia Web site for outside journalists, bloggers and news gatherers to access the latest company news, photos and video.
Click here to find the links to our U.S.-based product and technology online training modules. Each module should take about 10 minutes. If you complete all 9, you will be credited with 2009 Product Training on your Education & Training record.
Ford Motor Company's resource for all personnel who have an interest in learning more about the social web.
Official Ford Racing website.
The From Our Plants (NA) provides the latest news from Ford's North American manufacturing sites.
The Team Content page on @Ford Online displays the latest Ford Motor Company  news and information as well as archives of previously posted stories.