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 RSS Feeds

What Is RSS?

Everyone's talking about RSS, but what does it really mean? Technically, it stands for "Really Simple Syndication," but that doesn't mean anything to anyone. Think of it this way: "Ready for Some Stories."

How Will RSS Help Me?

What if you could be notified when new information is available on your favorite Web sites, instead of having to visit each one of them individually? An RSS reader keeps track of the new stories and lets you know when you should take a look. You can read them directly in an RSS reader or you can click through to go to your favorite sites. By subscribing to one or more of the RSS feeds below, you will be able to keep up to date on the most recent items in @Ford Online as they are updated. No more time wasted hunting down your stories – now they come to you!

How Can I Subscribe to an RSS Feed on @Ford Online?

If you are not using Internet Explorer 6, you can subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking the "subscribe" link next to any RSS icon on the @Ford Online website or clicking on a link from the complete list of all @Ford Online RSS feeds below.

However, if you are viewing this site with Internet Explorer 6, once you click on a 'subscribe' link or click on one of the following links, you will have to copy the following page's URL and paste this information into your RSS Reader.

A feed reader, such as FeedDemon, is necessary to subscribe to the feed. If you need help installing a feed reader, click here.