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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs can be found in the list below. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please submit your feedback or contact the Corporate Help Desk. To call the help desk dial 1-888-317-4957 or x74957 internally.
The feedback link in the upper right hand corner of @Ford Online goes to an email inbox monitored by the Employee Communications team.  Questions in this inbox are answered frequently.  However, if your questions are technical in nature, please contact the Corporate Help Desk (1-888-317-4957 or x74957 internally).  If you have specific benefits questions, contact the NESC at 1-800-248-4444 or visit
Questions About @Ford Online
What is @Ford Online?
@Ford Online is the Web hub for Ford Motor Company. The site can be seen as ‘one-stop shopping’ with links to work tools and thorough global news coverage about the company and the industry for all employees, retirees and agency/contract personnel.
About the Upgraded @Ford Online
What is some of the new content on the site from @Ford Online?
@Ford Online is the Web hub for Ford Motor Company. The next-generation of the site introduces new features, including the ability to 'like' articles and the Tags section.  Also, new to the site is the ability to customize a section on the page with five links of your choosing. We’ve made the world clock visible on the home page for key Ford cities and added a visible navigation footnote panel.  The Stock Ticker has been enhanced as well as the A-Z section with the addition of a search that will only return results from the A-Z section. The site is much more globally representative and allows some sections to display regional specific content.
Why did you make changes to the site?
There are several reasons we made changes to the site. Most changes were in response to suggestions we received during the past two years. The new design allows the ability to robustly communicate global information.
How can I get in touch with someone from @Ford Online?
Employees can submit comments and concerns to @Ford Online using the Feedback link. If you need assistance with the Provide Feedback form please contact the Corporate Help Desk.
Can I set my default home page to the region tab my country is located in?
No, this feature is not available.  However, major stories from each of the regional tabs populate the Top Stories tab.
Can I change the cities in the world clock?
The cities cannot be changed but if you click on the ‘View More’ link in the World Clock box you can see the local time in other cities and access helpful tools, including a meeting planner that aides in selecting the best time to host meetings across time zones.
What is the Tags section all about?
The Tag Cloud is a new feature for @Ford Online that allows you to see what topics currently have the most news coverage.  When articles, videos and photo galleries are posted on @Ford the publishing team assigns the content with keywords, also called tags.  The Tag Cloud continually evolves with the size of a particular word, as the tag grows as more content is associated with it.
How can I put information up on the site?
If you have an article idea, announcement, group or event you’d like to submit for publication or promotion on @Ford Online, email
What happened to that banner near the bottom?
The information that was in the banner section is now featured on the site in @Ford Notes, Around the Oval and Events Calendar, located in the Tools navigation dropdown. If you have an event that isn't on the calendar you can add it by clicking the 'Submit Event' link and completing the form. If you have something you'd like promoted on @Ford Online, email
How do I get something in @Ford notes?
This new section highlights a variety of notable items, which may include surveys, benefits information, key announcements and memorable dates in Ford's history. If you have something you’d like to be considered for publication in this section, email
Does everyone around the globe see the same information?
Most articles, photos and videos are viewable for most users.  Occasionally, some of content can only be accessed by internal users. Content in the Competitive News section is available only to internal users. Additionally, some content in @Ford Notes, Key Links, Social Media and Around the Oval sections is targeted to display only for users from specific regions and or/employee groups because the topic is applicable only to those users.
Why don’t we see any competitive stock information?
To be efficient, we are utilizing the same service our Investor Relations group uses.
How are the most popular stories determined?
Similar to the 'Like' feature seen on many online sites, users can 'Like' articles, videos and photo galleries posted on @Ford Online.  The articles that receive the most 'Likes' populate the Most Popular section.
Why don’t you have likes and/or sharing on every story?
This is a choice made by the editorial.  Most articles will have the comment option, but this action may not be appropriate for all stories.

What’s the difference between the Tags section and the Most Popular section?
The Tags section provides links to content that is related to a specific keyword that the publishing team enters when content is posted. Content in the Most Popular section is determined by users. The article, video or photo gallery that is ‘Liked’ most by users populates the Most Popular section.
How does My Links work? 
The section on the homepage pulls a subset of links from a user's my site to display on the @Ford Homepage. For more information please see the following link
Can I have more than five links under the My Links section?
No, but you can store more links in the My Links section on your My Site. To directly access this section, click on the 'Edit Links' link in the My Links box or access it from your My Site. To obtain a My Site, click the My Site link at the top of @Ford Online or any SharePoint Site.
How can I change the Key Links section?
The Key Links section is not customizable. This section is a compilation of helpful Ford links determined by overall usage.
Can I access the entire @Ford Online site from Home?
You can access all the Information found in the Inside Ford drop down and much of the News & Clipsheet drop down from any computer with Internet access. There is still some content that is confidential or private demand a log-in authentication.
Why is the site different when I access it from home?
We prioritized company news and key HR information. We've also made items such as the Discount Marketplace accessible to a broader base of employees and retirees. In addition, some information is licensed only for internal use or is proprietary in nature.
What Is...
What is an RSS Feed?
An RSS reader keeps track of the new stories and lets you know when those stories are available. You can read them directly in an RSS reader or you can click through to go to your favorite sites. By subscribing to one or more of the RSS feeds below, you will be able to keep up-to-date on the most recent items in @Ford Online as they are posted. For more information on @Ford RSS features, click here.
The Subscribe to this RSS Feed link does not work, what should I do?
This problem exists in Internet Explorer 6 and is a known issue by Microsoft.  If you are viewing this site with Internet Explorer 6, once you click on a 'Subscribe' link, you will have to copy the following page's URL and paste this information into your RSS Reader.
What is a My Site?
A My Site is your new individual home page on SharePoint that allows you to easily create and personalize your online workspace. With a My Site, you can build your profile with information about yourself, share your profile the way you want as well as connect with colleagues at Ford quickly and easily. To obtain a My Site, click the My Site link at the top of @Ford Online or any SharePoint Site.
What is Blue Oval Connect (BOC)?
Blue Oval Connect is a valuable communications tool used to connect with Ford Motor Company's U.S. retiree population. Retirees can elect to sign up for this free service for weekly emailed Ford news updates  While information is geared toward a U.S. audience, any Ford retiree, retiree spouse or retiree family member is welcome to subscribe.   To register, click to
What is the Discount Marketplace?
Discount Marketplace provides information on the latest discounts available to U.S. employees, U.S. retirees and U.S. agency/contract personnel. Discounts ranging from electronics, travel and entertainment, as well as other products and services are posted on the Discount Marketplace webpage.  To access Discount Marketplace:
        All users must to log in.
        Salaried employees and agency/contract personnel should use your normal CDS ID and password.
        Hourly employees and retirees should use the same user ID and password that you used if you have visited Employee Network.  If you don't have an ID and password, click here.
        To go directly to the Discount Marketplace, simply go to either the Employee Landing Page or the U.S. Retiree Landing Page after you've logged in.
What does End Date mean in the Discount Marketplace?  Is this discount going away?
This shows how long the discount is in effect with the partner company.  Often, these discounts are renewed when they expire.  Expired discounts will not appear, so you can be assured that the discounts you are viewing are active.
What does the restrictions column mean in Discount Marketplace?
Sometimes discounts have restrictions, such as being active only in a certain geographic area or requiring an active Ford e-mail address to redeem.  This column will make any such restrictions clear to you prior to trying to redeem it.
I don't like the order the discounts are shown within Discount Marketplace.
While the categories are fixed, you can show or hide all items within a category by clicking on the box to the left of the category.  You can also click on most column headers to sort the discounts by that field.
How Do I...
How do I find a Divisional Portal?
Divisional Portals can be accessed from the @Ford navigation bar drop down Resources & Organizations >> Countries & Divisions.
How do I create a My Site?
To request a SharePoint My Site, click the 'My Site' link at the top of @Ford Online or any SharePoint Site.
How do I get @Ford Online on my mobile phone or PDA?
From your mobile phone or PDA please enter the following url This feature is available for phones that are on the Ford network. For phones that are not on the network and require an external use of the url this feature is coming soon
Can I post pictures and videos to @Ford Online?
This ability is coming the first quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, please submit story ideas to
How do I know which search to use?
@Ford Online supports multiple searches for all websites sponsored by Ford Motor Company. There are multiple search options to support the multiple site types.
All Sites is used to search all sites that are part of the Ford intranet.
This Site is the search used to search only @Ford Online.
People is the search used to search for My Sites.
Can I do a keyword search?
To perform a keyword search please enter the Keyword in the Search box, then click on the search icon.
There is so much information on the Ford A-Z Index. Can you make it easier to find what I am looking for?
A new search has been added to the Ford A-Z Index page that will only search the content is A-Z.
How do I add a site to the Ford A-Z Index?
On the Ford A-Z Index page, click the 'Add' Link. Enter the title of the link. Enter the URL. Click 'Submit'.
What do I do if I cannot find a site anywhere?
If you have explored the Ford A-Z Index and conducted a search and cannot find your site, please click on Ford A-Z Index and follow the simple instructions to add a site. If you continue to have trouble, please call the Corporate Help Desk at the following URL
How do I perform a CDS lookup?
To perform a CDS Lookup please access the 'CDS Lookup' link in the upper right menu on the home page.
How can I get something on the front page of @Ford Online?
If you have a story idea, please submit it in feedback on the home page. You can also email Ideas will be considered. There is no longer a gadget for placing corporate announcements.
How do I receive an RSS feed?
You can subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on the 'Subscribe' link next to any RSS icon on the @Ford Online website or clicking on a link from the complete list of all @Ford Online RSS feeds listed RSS Feeds page.
How do I post a comment to an article?
Click the 'Add Comment' button located at the bottom of the article.
Can I post comments without being logged in?
No. Only authenticated viewers will be allowed to post comments.  Viewers accessing the site from home without logging in will not be able to post comments to articles.
Can I add a comment anonymously?
Our policy is to have people identified. We often respond directly to comments.
How do I report an inappropriate comment?
Click the 'Report Abuse' link at the bottom of the article comments section. Provide as much information regarding to the inappropriate comment as possible.
How do I log in?
If you are accessing the site from inside the Ford firewall, you will automatically be logged in.  If you are accessing the site from the Internet outside the Ford firewall, then just go to the top of the U.S. Retiree or Employee Landing Page where you will find a link to log in.  You may click there to log in or you can also simply click here.
Why isn't the login available on the main page?
Since @Ford Online is available both inside the Ford firewall as well as from the public Internet, there were some restrictions.  Also, many people will only log in when accessing the secured content.  On the pages where secured content may appear, the option to log in is shown in the instructions above.
I don’t have a User ID – how do I get one?
On the log in page, there are links to where you may obtain your User ID.  You may go from there to obtain your ID or you can also simply click here.
OK – I've logged in, where's the secured content?
What secured content you have access to depends on what type of user you are.  For example, if you are a Ford hourly retiree, you will see different secured content than what an active Ford hourly employee will see.  This combined with Ford's attempt to make as much content public as possible, means that on some pages, no new links will appear because all of the information that you have access to has already been made public.
Can I bookmark a specific area within @Ford Online, such as the Discount Marketplace?
Yes.  If you are using Internet Explorer, simply click on 'Favorites' in the main menu and then 'Add to Favorites'. For other browsers, please see the associated help for that browser.
What if I can’t find something I expect to find?
This is a difficult question to answer within a FAQ.  Please try the search function and if you still can’t find something, please submit 'Feedback' or contact the Corporate Help Desk at 1-888-317-4957 or x74957 internally.
I'm a retiree who has come back to work at Ford through an agency – why can't I see my retiree information?
When you came back to Ford to work through an agency after retirement, your CDSID was updated to identify you as an agency.  To regain your retiree information access, please contact the Corporate Help Desk.
May I send my friends to this site?
@Ford Online is primarily intended for employees and retirees.  However, all the information on the site that does need a login may be shared freely.
I was logged into the site, left for awhile and when I came back, I found out that I was logged out.  Why?
As a security measure, @Ford Online will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity when your logged in through the Internet.
I have a question about my benefits - who can I contact?
For questions about benefits, you may contact the NESC at 1-800-248-4444 or visit 
For different topics, please use one of the email addresses below:
•         For questions about HR policies and programs, email
•         For questions about salaried payroll, email
•         For questions about salaried payroll deductions (garnishments, levies, Friend of the Court), email
•         For questions about hourly payroll, email
•         For questions about verification of employment for adoptions or Visas, email
How do I get to the online compliance training site?
The link to the online compliance training site is
What do I do if I become aware of something I think is a violation of company policy or the law?
Report it promptly to one of the following:
         Human Resources/Personnel Relations
         The General Auditor's Office
         The Office of the General Counsel or your local Legal Office
         Corporate Security (formerly Executive Operations in the United States). Report a Suspected Law/Policy Violation
         One of our free, 24-hour hotlines. Helpful Phone Numbers
         Regional Investigation Coordinator (see list on the Security Website)
         Local Incident Coordinators (where applicable) (see list on the Security Website)
         Recipients authorized under local procedures
Where Is...


Where is Clipsheet?
Clipsheet can be accessed inside the Ford firewall through the use of the @Ford Online Navigation drop down News & Clipsheet > Clipsheet.
Where is CDS Lookup?
To perform a CDS Lookup, please access, from inside the Ford firewall, the 'CDS Lookup' link in the upper right menu on the home page. The CDS Lookup gadget is not currently available on @Ford Online.
Where is my benefit information?
Benefit information can be accessed from the U.S. Employees Landing Page located at or the U.S. Retiree Landing Page located at
Where is Blue Oval Connect?
Blue Oval Connect can be found in the Publications section of @ Ford Online. In the main menu select drop down News & Clipsheet > Publications. To register for the Blue Oval Connect email, click to
Where is the calendar?
The calendar can be easily accessed two different ways. It is found in the A-Z site index list under calendar and is also under the Tools drop down as Events Calendar.
Where is the Discount Market Place?
Discount Market place can be located on the Employee Landing Page or the U.S. Retiree Landing Page after you've logged in.
Is there a Site Map so that I can see how everything is organized on the site?
We have added a virtual tour to see changes made to the site and a visible navigation footnote section. There is not a specifically a site map.
Where can I find company policies and directives?
You can access all company policies and directives at If additional information is necessary, send a note to