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 Outlook Web Access

Check Your Ford E-mail and Calendar
Through Employee Network with Outlook Web Access!

Was your meeting at 8:30 a.m. in conference room 9A or 9 a.m. in conference room 8A? Did the e-mail come in from your colleague in Europe last night? What was the cell phone number of the vendor that promised to have the materials in time for your meeting?

If you've ever found yourself away from your computer and need to get information from your Ford e-mail account, you're in luck.

You can now access your Ford e-mail through any computer with Internet access, thanks to Outlook Web Access (OWA). All you need is a secure ID.

How do you get a SecurID? Good question. This link takes you to a story in Employee Network about getting a SecurID for Flex Enrollment. You can follow this same procedure to get a SecurID card for OWA).

OWA is possible now that Ford has installed Microsoft Exchange 2000 as the e-mail client. With OWA you can send and receive messages, check and schedule appointments and retrieve and add contact information. With the exception of working with your personal folders (which are stored on your hard drive), everything that you can do with Outlook on your computer at work, you can do remotely with OWA.

The easiest way to remember how to access your e-mail from a remote site is to have your SecurID card/token ready, and log into Employee Network. Once in, you can click on the OWA icon in the left side of the screen (under Channels). Right now if you want to give it a try, you can click here to access OWA, or type in the following URL:

(OWA works for PC and Mac computers, and with any Web browser but Internet Explorer is recommended for a more robust user experience.)

Having problems accessing your e-mail?

You can contact the corporate help desk at:

North America Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 74957
Externally Dialed: 1-313-31-74957 or 1-888-31-74957

Ford Credit North America Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 52262
Externally Dialed: 1-313-84-52262